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Growing Business Locally | Starting with Cincinnati Ohio


If small business is the backbone of America, and spending our dollar with a locally owned company is more beneficial for our community, then why do our best and brightest minds dedicate their lives to making big businesses bigger? 

There’s a fundamental flaw at play when human actions don’t match human needs. We need a paradigm shift and I quit corporate America to create it...

Cultivate’s goal is to supply small local brands the brains and tools they need to out-market their big-box competitors.

Let’s get people to rethink how they spend their dollar.

Andrew Grosvenor
Founder and CEO of Cultivate Local



Cultivate makes the world a better place. If we can leverage our abilities to encourage consumers to spend their money locally, we can make a direct impact on the local economy. We believe that convenience and brand loyalty drive consumers away from spending their money with local companies. With the right approach and the right intention, we also believe we can overcome these obstacles.

So, how do we do it?

Cultivate does TWO things to grow your business. Read about GROWTH ORIENTATION and GROWTH ACTIVATION below.


Our approach to GROWTH ORIENTATION makes us different. Together, we'll put your business through a series of workshops, brainstorms, and strategic sessions to define a path to success. This is the thinking that will allow us to outwit and outsmart competitors with bigger budgets.

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This is where we bring the plan to life. We've seen so many small businesses jump into this phase without the proper approach. They get burned every time.

The work to be done in this phase is solely driven by GROWTH ORIENTATION. As the plan comes to life, we adjust and analyze our way to optimal growth. It's a never ending process as the business grows to new heights.



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